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~Mudd Pitt~

Armpits are both the body’s entry and exit points. After years of using conventional deodorants or antiperspirants, a lot has been absorbed via the skin. Once you stop using the chemicals, there are toxins that have to leave the body first and allow you to make a fresh start.
After years of constant use, there is a bit of a backlog. That is where an armpit detox might come in handy:
It will help pull out some of the chemicals stuck in the skin and tissue under the armpit & prevent uncomfortable reactions that often accompany the switch to a more natural deodorant.

If you simply ditch the chemical stuff and embrace a home-made or natural deodorant, you are likely to experience some of the following:
Excessive sweat & sweat that has a very potent odor!
Although uncomfortable, these incidents are the body’s adjustment reactions.
Similar to a body detox, things get worse, before you start improving and showing positive effects.

So, if you perform an armpit detox first, you’ll shorten the transition period and minimize the discomfort, as well as pull out some of the nasty toxins.

That’s where our ‘Mudd Pitt’ detox mask can help!