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What is Plant to Bottle?

We are a small batch apothecary established in 2020 and based in Sydney. We handcraft personal care products using only the finest quality organic and raw ingredients, entirely free fillers or synthetic additives, and all our ingredients are fair trade and palm oil free.

Behind the bottle

I’m Courtney!

Lover of all things organic.

Creator of natural product alternatives.

Mum of three.

When my eldest child was born prematurely at 34 weeks, she was allergic to everything.

And I mean everything!

She had 110 allergies or sensitivities, and it was impossible to find products on the market that contained the one natural ingredient she needed without the other 52 toxins thrown into the product with it.

I started playing around with formulations and learned everything there was to know about the benefits of essential oils.

The result?

My daughter’s allergens were eradicated and I’d created a range of completely natural and organic products that our entire family was using and benefiting from.

And so, Plant to Bottle was born, and I’d love to share it with you.

Let’s ditch and switch!


Let’s ditch and switch

Whether you need some help to ditch harmful products from your lifestyle, or you’ve already made the switch to natural products, Plant to Bottle is here for your journey.

Our purpose is to educate and guide people to better health through natural, organic and cruelty-free alternatives to everyday products.

Think about it; how many products do you use each day?

From washing your face in the morning to tucking your babies in at night, the average person uses about nine products per day.

We rub, spray, scrub, slather and spritz to our heart’s content, but how many of us take the time to find out what’s in those products?

From petrochemicals to allergens to hormone disruptors, mainstream personal care products are a minefield of toxins.

And it really is a minefield.

Because we have to navigate the countless brands out there greenwashing the market with toxic products that claim to be “natural”, “paraben-free” and “not tested on animals”.

So, how do you make sure what you’re using is safe for you and your family?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy.

You look for brands that are truly plant-to-bottle, just like us.

Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure consistency.

They’re completely devoid of toxins and nasties.

They’re jam-packed with helpful, nourishing ingredients.

They’re organic, cruelty-free and effective.